How we get you the best heavy duty towing services in Los Angeles

Heavy duty towing is one of our specialties where you get the best, uncompromised solutions and we have perfectly trained professionals for this type of work. In heavy duty towing services heavy equipment are towed with the help of heavy vehicles as normal towing vehicles cannot be used. This type of work is basically done in supervision of experts who are trained to handle such tasks.

Trained professionals are involved in this type of projects as any unskilled person cannot drive these vehicles while keeping the equipment safe. Moreover if things are not handled properly then severe accidents and damages can occur. We bring to you the best in class Tow Truck Service Los Angeles, and we always provide the solution that’s best for our clients.

What are the types of heavy duty towing equipment

  • Towing bars must be used as per the size of the vehicle. Moreover, using the correct size of towing bar makes the much more easy. The professionals should also be aware of the best ways to use a towing bar.
  • Hitching equipment is another important equipment in heavy duty towing service. The additional accessories like mounts, locks and couplers are used in this work.
  • Tow trucks of various types are used for heavy duty towing works. Heavy duty tow trucks are used for towing of heavy duty vehicles.

Once your heavy duty vehicle gets stuck in the middle of the road, you will possibly need assistance on the road from a heavy duty towing company like L&G Towing and we make sure that your problem is solved completely without causing any unnecessary damages.

Not just offering best roadside assistance, we also ensure to provide you with the exact equipment that you need for heavy duty towing service.

If you are looking for the best solutions in

Heavy Duty Towing in Los Angeles then L&G Towing is the place to go and we are just a phone call away from you.

What are the safety measures that we take?

We always ensure that our drivers coming over to pick your vehicles take adequate safety measures. To start with they have to make the area clearly visible so that no unnecessary accidents take place causing death of the tow truck driver. Cones and flags should be placed around the area where your vehicle is placed.

Secondly, our drivers always make sure that the vehicle that they bring for towing is capable of hauling the vehicle that needs to be towed. We request our clients to ensure this information over the phone before our driver arrives. Additionally our drivers also ensure that the cable lines of the truck are safe and secured. Our drivers are well trained and they are clearly taught to avoid electrical lines. We bring to you the Best Heavy Duty Tow in Los Angeles, and our drivers are thoroughly trained to maintain all safety measures. Additionally, we educate you about the same before you decide to hire us.

Still looking for high quality Tow Truck Service Los Angeles Ca, L&G Towing is just a few clicks away from you and we make every possible effort to offer personalized services that address the specific needs of our clients.