Commercial towing service exclusively for our clients


Commercial towing is another of our speciality services that’s typically different from light duty towing service. In this type of towing we tend to handle the large scale towing projects including heavy vehicles, machinery and equipment and goitby its definition you must have already understood that this type of towing is quite costly as compared to lightweight towing projects.

For commercial towing we require heavy vehicles that can handle heavyweight equipment and machinery including vehicles. Additionally this type of work requires specially trained professionals and operators who make sure that all your equipment are secured and reach their destination in one piece. The operators handling these projects are supposed to have a very good idea about heavy engine functionality and should also have a very good understanding of particular connectivity strategies.

What we offer

An added factor to consider in this case is insurance coverage as the chances of potential damages during commercial towing projects is quite high. We ensure that there’s sufficient insurance coverage to compensate for any amount of damages that take place. The insurance policies also cover damages occuring to towing vehicles and equipment during commercial towing service.

How our support network works

In regular lightweight towing projects the vehicles travel for a short distance and so a support system might not be needed. However, in commercial towing, firstly, lot of traveling occurs and this is where we come up as your best support network.

What does commercial towing involve?


  • Towing heavy duty vehicles and machinery
  • Recovering larger commercial vehicles
  • Heavy hauling tasks
  • Towing items like backhoe loaders, front loaders, excavators, and dump trucks.

Why you need a skilled support network?

This is a highly complicated task and you will need skilled and trained professionals to take care of the whole process and this is where L&G Towing provides you with the best backup. We are not only skilled, we also have the suffering infrastructure with best in class heavyweight tow trucks that lets us tow anything starting from commercial trucks to RVS and any type of heavy equipment.

Offering high quality Commercial Towing Service Los Angeles, we make sure that your commercial vehicle is rolling on the road at the earliest or is recovered immediately if something’s gone wrong and you cannot reach it. We offer local as well as long distance towing service round the clock. At any time of the day you need help and support, L&G Towing is always available. In a nutshell, we don’t sleep.

What makes us different


  • we have the extensive range of experience and skills required to handle heavyweight commercial towing works
  • we have the right amount of infrastructure, equipment and precision to finish your task successfully
  • Starting from dump truck to tractors and straight truck, we can tow anything. You name it and we get it towed for you
  • We offer Affordable Towing Service in Los Angeles that you wouldn’t find elsewhere

We are just a phone call away from you and anytime you need our assistance, we are available, even in the middle of the night.