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“Response time was amazing…”

I called L&G while I had a flat tire on the 101, the response time was amazing and in about 15 minutes the service guy was with me (sorry I forgot his name) since I did not have a spare tire (I own a little convertible) I needed to be towed to my tire shop. The service guy was really fast, took him about 20 minutes to get the car towed and we were at the shop within 45min.

-Victor A.
“Couldn’t have wished for a better solution…”

My car died in my garage, with a low ceiling and little space and I needed a rescue Eli came and towed me to safety The price was nice and the conversation even better! Couldn’t have wished for a better solution to my problem

-Bar Z.
“I would trust his company above any other…”

Eli from L & G Roadside assistance was the most careful tow truck driver I ever met. He went out of his way to make sure an important tow got done. I would trust his company above any other!!!

-Barbara G.
“Very professional and quick service…”

Very professional and quick service! I lost my keys at Christmas party I was attending and couldn’t enter my house I never thought I’ll find a locksmith on Christmas Eve…but I was pleasantly surprised when Eli answered the phone and was more than wiling to help! Eli arrived within 15 min and re-keyed the lock. Very nice and professional guy – will recommend him for everybody!!!

-Adina L.
“it was perfect!!…”

Last week my mother and I got stuck on the 101 freeway under the pass at lankershim. We contacted L & G Road Assistance and they were there with in 20 minutes which I was very impressed by. I was very impressed by their professionalism. I will be referring them to any one in need of their services.

-Eddie N.
“I was very impressed by their professionalism…”

Eli provided me with a high quality and trusted locksmith service call. He is capable, and a gentleman. I recommend his service as your first to call! I sincerely believe you will be happy too.

-Mia S.
“I recommend him to everybody…”

Very nice guy. When I called him till he showed up, it was just 10 minutes, he was quick and knew what he is doing. I recommend him to everybody

-Navid D.
“The price was affordable…”

Last Sunday I had a flat tire, I called to Eli and he come in 25 minutes. He was so nice 🙂 The price was affordable. *really recommend*

-Nofar B.


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L&G Towing Brings to you the most reliable and affordable towing services in Los Angeles CA

L&G Towing is indeed one of the best known and highly experienced towing companies in Los Angeles that specializes in a host of towing services that you can think of. We literally provide all services pertaining to towing of vehicles of various types, shapes and sizes.

Driving a vehicle of your own is undoubtedly a great feeling and it also makes you feel empowered but the fun lasts as long as the vehicle is running smoothly and the moment it breaks down, you find yourself in a panicky situation as you don’t know what to do with a car that’s broken down in the middle of the road and you are literally stranded with it.

We offer all services related to towing category so that you can have complete faith in us at any point of time. If you are still looking for affordable towing services in your locality

What makes us the best choice for countless clients

We offer the best in class roadside assistance whenever you are worried about “best roadside assistance and Cheap Tow Trucks Service Near Me”. You just have to make a call and our experts are always on their toes to help you with your car towing solutions and any other problems on the roads. You must think before hiring us that what makes us different or more competent.

  • We are working 24*7 to solve your problems
  • We have a very short arrival time so that you don’t have to wait for too long
  • We have been in the industry for a considerable period of time
  • We offer highly competitive and honest prices

If the question of finding “Cheap Towing Service Near Me” is bothering you then L&G Towing is the right option for you and we offer friendly, personalized yet professional services that makes things easier for our clients

We have the best staff

When people are in trouble and need help or assistance then a personalized and friendly behavior helps to make a lot of difference, thereby bringing in a human touch. All our staff members, whichever department they belong to have complete knowledge and understanding of the services pertaining to roadside assistance. Our staff make sure that they provide you with prompt help within the shortest possible time. We attempt to be the best known Los Angeles Towing company offering quality services within your affordability and comfort.

If you’re looking for full time support then L&G Towing Service Los Angeles company that is awake round the clock to provide 24*7 support to the clients, whatever the time or season. Even if your car breaks down in the middle of the road late at night, we are always there to reach out to you. We know that this can be highly panicky, especially, if you’re all alone at road.

We are the leading Towing Service Los Angeles Ca company that offers accurate, speedy and affordable help and solutions as we reflect and personify the perfect blend of professionalism with personalization and empathy. We help you only after understanding your problem so that you are never in an inconvenient situation on the road.

Why Should You Hire LG Towing Services?

Towing service woodland hills has always been one of the biggest requirements in the California region, as this region uses one of the greatest numbers of personal vehicles like cars and motorcycles. The sheer number of people using vehicles means that there will always be somebody who’s having vehicle trouble, and needs towing services to get out of a tight spot, which is why tow truck services los angeles have risen to be one of the most demanded types of services in many different parts of the US, and certainly Californian cities like Los Angeles.

In the end, no matter what field, service or 24 Hour Towing and Roadside Assistance we’re talking about, they have to have some kind of intrinsic value over other companies in order to be selected by clients. Whether we’re talking about cheap rates (a favorite among all people, cheap very few things draw customers as fast as cheaper rates than other companies), punctuality (another common category companies are judged by, punctuality refers to both the speed a company completes a contract and the speed with which they respond to a contract), and even sheer quality of services provided.

Some of the biggest benefits of hiring lgtowingservices.com for your own tow truck services los angeles and needs is the fact that as one of the quickest responders in the Californian region, this company is known to arrive within mere minutes of the phone call, and are one of the best picks if you want a fast and instantaneous solution to your problem. They’re also the preferred choice of hundreds of customers all over California due to the fact that they provide one of the highest and most thorough qualities of services, being able to deal with any problem the customer might be facing and in a very timely manner too!